Bimbo catering


In cooperation with selected team of chefs offer a rich variety of dishes: traditional local delicacies to individual countries.

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Basic information

We are a young company established in 2004. year. But regardless of our "youth", we are proud to exceptional results in business and many satisfied customers.

The merit of our company's traditional way of cooking and use of natural ingredients. In addition to traditional menus we offer a great selection of dishes adapted to the special dietary habits or religious customs.

Each reception individually and strive to always provide guests more than expected. Therefore, with each party and provide a small gift for you ... A smile on your face is our pleasure!

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Ponuda jela uključuje:

Finger Food
Hladna predjela
Hladne salate
Topla predjela
Glavna topla jela
Vegetarijanska jela


Svadbeni menu: 180,00 kn - 300,00 kn
Finger food: od 55,00 kn
Hladni menu: 80,00 kn - 120,00 kn
Topli menu: 80,00kn - 110,00 kn
Hladno topli menu: 110,00 kn - 170,00 kn

Poslovni domjenci i seminari:
coffee break: 15,00 kn - 25,00 kn (kava, sok, voda, pecivo)
ručak: 80,00 kn - 110,00 kn
piće: 20,00 kn (vino, sok, voda) tri čaše po osobi

Dodatna ponuda:
barski stolovi
sjenice velike i male


Ljubijska 8310000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 2861 616Fax: 01 2861 616
Mail: Web: www.bimbo-catering.hr

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