Catering Fluvius


We are engaged in the preparation and delivery of food, as well as organizations of various events in conjunction with you.

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Basic information

Catering Fluvius has a long tradition of hospitality. We operate since 2004. year. It is based on local cuisine, so if you want to bite something that your grandmother once cooked please contact us because we know it.

When preparing receptions in agreement with you, we offer complete equipment and professional staff who will serve.

If you want a good time we will organize music according to your wishes. If you do not have the space for holding receptions, please contact us.

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We offer preparation of various receptions - banquets, dinners, weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and other occasions!

We offer three experimental sets, and all the dishes that we prepare for the banquet.

For further information contact:
01 46 48 084
01 46 48 085
01 46 48 061

Cold-hot version of "Fluvius ... 125.00 kn
Cold plate "Fluvius"
Sausage, ham, sausages, game
The selection of quality precious vegetarian cheeses with fruit platter
Related salad "Fluvius"
Gračanski Chicken (stuffed with turkey ham and cheese, and rolan pohano) + savory sauce of mushrooms
Fried vegetables with butter and gnocchi
Roast Pork Loin - baked potatoes
Grilled chicken fillet - grilled vegetables
Pork tenderloin in mustard sauce - potato croquettes
Seasonal Salad
Dessert - cheese strudel and apple baskets with fresh fruit

Cold-hot version of the foothill ... 115.00 kn
Ham in bread
Homemade cottage cheese with sour cream
Prigorski boiled strudel with drozđicama
Cooked pork leg with sauerkraut + patches
Pork roast the foothill + baked beans
Turkey with mlincima
Pork, potato halves
Venison stew + homemade noodles
seasonal salad (lambs lettuce, radicchio and beet)
Desert - gibanica tank, traditional nut-cake and poppy

Cold treatment - canapé ... 9.00 kn bit
Canape of smoked ham
Canape of Kulen
Canape of winter
Canape, pressed ham
Salmon Canape
Tuna Canape
Canape of caviar
Canape with cheese
Canape with gorgonzola
Canape with Livno cheese
Canape with Trappist
Canape with feta cheese
Canape Tatar Yusuf
Canape with Goose Liver
Canape with asparagus
Canape of marinated cheese
Canape of chicken terrine
Chicken Spring Rolls

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Štefanovec 78 10040 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 4648 061Tel: 4648 084Fax: 01 244 66 44
Mail: Web: www.fluvius.hr

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