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Based on innovation, creativity and professionalism, the tone Catering specializes in creating memorable celebrations. Always abreast of trends in the field of food and drinks on offer

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Basic information

Our consistent approach to raising service to a new level, trying to set an example to others standards.

We are proud of our will and passion with which we provide service to our customers - from first contact with the client, through our heads the kitchen every meal is given a personal touch to our service manager who tries in a given area of the meals served at the best possible way

In order to successfully perform their job, we pay attention to every detail, we work as a team and try to help each client in choosing the optimal service

Whether you organize a wedding, family gathering or a business reception, each event is planned in detail and made with style. Our flexibility and expertise enable us to provide the variety of large-scale catering services

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Marking an important event requires making many important decisions. To make the most enjoyed event, Catering bells will assist you with finding suitable premises, defining the menu - and, finding the extra services - such as tents, lighting, DJ, or band, decoration, photographer, etc.

We have extensive experience in providing services to companies that represent nearly 80% of our total revenue. List of regular customers is expanding day by day, which speaks about our commitment to each customer and his place.

Broad is the "range" catering company that organized, so marking the anniversary include a presentation of new products and services, Christmas banquets for customers and employees, the creation or renovation of old space.

Receptions are often held in the premises of, and thus resolved the question of space in advance, but sometimes I'm doing requires a specific environment. In this case, "jump into" me with your suggestions.

As for the menu choices we offer 2 options, one is to combine ourselves with our food supply food and drink, or let us define a menu that will accommodate your needs and wishes of the following criteria:

• Number of guests
• Time, date and duration of events
• Type of celebration
• profile guests
• Budget

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Everything is more popularly rule that during the seminars, lectures and presentations, guests or guests in a different way of offering food and drink, and that does not work on a long business lunches or dinners.

Services provided related to these occasions as follows:

• Coffee break - coffee, tea, mineral water, morning snack
• Brunch - the time between breakfast and lunch - including food that is eaten off your feet, without the use of cutlery
• Lunch - which is somewhat lighter, and combines cold dishes, salads, hot dishes, cakes, sweets

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Busovačka 1910000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 3879 801Fax: 01 3879 802
Mail: Web: www.zlatnazvona.hr

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