Viškovo, Rijeka

EUROmodul is a leading manufacturer of street furniture in Southeast Europe.  

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Basic information

It is a factory and advertising equipment, containers with production in Croatia (Rijeka-Viškovo) and Serbia (Nova Pazova), and employs over 100 employees.

Expanding our production - commercial network in the European countries, we have recognized the Ziegler company as a partner in Europe, which opens us new opportunities for expansion
range of products and implementation of our products to other markets of European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Public Use with a partner several years successfully deliver self-cleaning toilets in Holland.
In addition to printed, recorded business success in Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, Middle East ..

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EUROmodul urban equipment

EUROmodul is a leading manufacturer of street furniture in Southeast Europe.
Special attention in the preparation of every detail of street furniture: modern, curved line, stainless steel construction which is equally fit into the old town as well as modern sections of cities and villages.

Products EUROmodul dijene street furniture is to:

* Bus shelter
* Bench for squares, parks, schools
* Flower pots
* Stands for bicycles
* Fences and columns
* Poles for flags
* Containers for waste
Eco * reservoirs waste
* Rasvijetni columns
* Public clocks
* Info columns
* Multi-poles
* Slots
* Playground

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Under prefabricated buildings we mean objects that are completed or largely completed in our factory.

Versatile Stands
Studying and contacts with customers, based on the disadvantages of existing stalls in the market we created a line of new stands.

Versatile stands, representatives of the new generation of street furniture, the following characteristics: The stands are versatile for exhibition and sale of commodities such as fruits and vegetables, clothing and footwear, imitation jewelry, souvenirs, books, newspapers ... This universality is ensured dimezionim adjustments and dedicated equipment, sales boards, cabinets and shelves, racks, baskets, hangers, and all the kinds of goods that are
exhibit and sale. Suitable for occasional sales during the holidays and events, such as the folding easily carried and stored when not in use.

Stands provide a modern and meaningful way to direct exposure or the offering and sale of goods. On completion of labor, goods remain in the booth and was exposed to visible if it wants to. For preservation, such as fruits and vegetables is possible to install the cooling device.
Stands are placed individually or in groups connected by 2 - 4 - 6 different places.

Versatile stands as a solid construction which prevents or hinders the burglary and various forms of damage. If a coating booth using phenolic facade panels or stainless steel, stands become antigrafitni. Multi-line, patented
stands tvtke EUROmodul awarded a gold plaque at the wireless (Nuremberg, Germany) 1997 Eureka (Brussels, Belgium) 1999 year.

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Blažići 2551216 Viškovo, Rijeka, Croatia
Tel: 051 257 275Fax: 051 258 472
Mail: Web: www.euromodul.hr

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