Eventrify is an event agency for digital transformations in the MICE industry that creates new models of interactions for digital events. We organized and implemented virtual and hybrid events all over the world. Through our holistic approach, we combine the latest technologies, achievements, services, and provide you with top experts to create truly engaging event solutions that deliver exceptional results.

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Basic information

Eventrify provides cutting-edge technology for registration, payment, event website creation, accommodation reservation, abstract and poster registration, name badge creation, event access control, gamification solutions for additional interaction with sponsors and attendees, video and animation creation, video production and live streaming, technical support, etc.

We make webinars and online training with a limited number of active participants, interactions, and lectures, as well as complex hybrid and virtual conferences with a large number of dislocated participants and speakers with interactive content, virtual exhibition space, CME points collection system, and various forms of interactions including voting, playing trivia games and asking questions.

Our in-house technology and access to best in the field event experts provides the seamless transformation of traditional events into new virtual experiences. Regardless of the type of event, we provide you with all the necessary technical and organizational resources for the successful organization of your next event.
Our creative team will create a complete design for your next event, from on-screen animations to event announcements that include necessary informative, inspiring and emotional messages.

From traditional engagements to real time experiences our strength comes from our ability to translate your objectives and weave them into the entire event execution process, helping you create truly engaging event solutions that deliver exceptional results.

With our internal in-house tech savy team, you will also have at your disposal event managers and engagement experts to deliver an end-to-end event experience tailored to the aims of your next event.

We will streamline management of your social networks and build digitally crafted marketing campaign that integrates mobile and social media in order to attract attendees, media and sponsors. Our experts will help in bringing back the brightest moments of your event and summarize the key points that will further inspire your sponsors and attendees.

As the demand for multimedia experiences grows, clients are increasingly requesting our design, animation and video services to amplify their event message.
Whether you need a video to generate buzz leading up to your event, display on-site at your event, or post online afterwards to re-live the experience, this medium effectively captures the attention of your attendees.

Our graphics, animation & video services cover the entire production process end-to-end, from concept to final delivery. From creating event design to on-screen animations for general sessions to post-production event experience, our video capabilities have no limits. Our teams produce video content from the informative to the immersive, from the functional to the emotive.

From creating a logo for your next event and producing a complete design of your collaterals, web and social media we will move to eye-catchy intros, stingers, titles and animation elements and incorporate them into your overall event presence.

At Eventrify, we have extensive experience producing virtual and streaming events. A virtual event can go from a pre-recorded meeting all the way to a fully-fledged interactive live experience.

Content is a king when it comes to virtual event production, and video content will likely take priority when creating a live event with speakers dispersed all over the world. Eventrify uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to produce broadcast-quality video content remotely.

Just like a physical event, content rules the virtual event space. Your most important asset is digital content – presentations, interactive activities, branded videos, etc. These are the vehicles that drive your message and keep attendees engaged.
Whether we are meeting in-person or online, our live production team ensures broadcast-quality digital content for your next event.

At Eventrify, we use broadcast streaming tools that allow us to stream up to 4K from anywhere. During the event, we monitor internet conditions in real-time in order to optimize streaming video quality. We also provide support by streaming a screen back to presenters with notes, questions, or whatever they need during their live presentation.

Virtual or hybrid event experiences include situations, tactics and designs that differ greatly from in-person events. Just like an in-person event, a key objective of virtual event is to engage the audience. We achieve high levels of engagement by creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate with the content and other attendees through virtual event platform. We make sure that even though attendees are behind a PC screen, you can still achieve the same level of engagement as you would in-person.

Eventrify was the first in Croatia to develop its own platform for managing virtual and hybrid events. Our platform allows you to register participants, collect registration fees, book accommodation, submit abstracts and posters, provides you with access control to the event and provide gamification with sponsors and participants. In early 2020, at a time of transformation across industries and sectors due to covid-19 pandemic, the platform was enhanced with new functionalities for organizing virtual events like – new forms of engagement with participants, live surveys, remote sessions with asking questions in real time, interactive exhibition space, video conversations among exhibitor booth visitors, arranging b2b meetings and establishing new business contacts, trivia games, etc.

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