Since establishment in 1992. year, we are specialized for language services: oral and written translation, editing in both Croatian and foreign language, and instruction.

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Basic information

Our mission is ensuring that our partners we provide quality and professional service that will assist them in achieving their strategic business goals.

Our team consists of highly educated professionals who are familiar with the profession, has extensive professional experience and are constantly improved and are therefore willing to offer you a superior level of service.

We respect professional ethics, the priklanjajući Chestermanovoj (2001) commitment to ethics and excellence in practice.

We reserve the translation of the HRN EN 15038:2006 Translation Services - Service Requirements, which specifies requirements to be met by providers of translation with respect to human and technical resources, quality management and projects, the contractual framework and procedures to provide translation services.

18 years of successful work in a demanding market and experience that enriches every successful new project, tell us that we are on the right track in trying to be a reliable and good partner in language services.

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Translation Bureau Lektor offers services:

• written translations General language and LSP
• interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, or whispered interpreting chuchotage
• translations certified court interpreter, with maximum respect for:
○ deadlines
○ code of ethics of the profession
○ Confidentiality
○ quality translations performed
• proofreading
• Easy and quick submission of text

High quality translation is a company that contributes to its business and reputation. Translation approach as a responsible project, which aims to convey relevant and accurate information as well as a bridge between different cultures, which has always been one of the fundamental tasks of translation professionals.

Working languages ​​including most European languages, and translations made educated professionals including students and postgraduate specialist translation studies at the University of Zagreb, and court interpreters, which ensures knowledge of the profession, adherence to standards of translation and translation of ethics compliance.

Our goal is to convey high-quality, relevant and accurate information taking into account parameters such as the equivalencies between the source and target message, the adequacy of the translation with respect to the requirements of the client (translation brief), intratekstualna and intertextual coherence.

In addition WHEREOF, quality translation aims to establish a bridge between cultures, which has always been one of the fundamental tasks of translation professionals.

CAT tools
Following the modern world trends, translation memories are treated as an imperative and a standard prevoditeljskoj profession, Translation Bureau Lektor in his work he uses most CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) - SDL Trados, the most common translation memory with approximately 70% market share.
The purpose of the translation memory:
- Accelerate the translation process in a way that when translating using previously translated parts of the text and provide consistency of terminology, is extremely important in translating technical texts.
- To facilitate the localization of Web sites with CAT tool allows you to translate the text of the page, and not to violate HTML tags (Trados TagEditor).
- To facilitate the localization of software in which CAT tool extracts the content to be translated (menus, windows and messages) without disturbing other parts of the program.

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Radnička cesta 55a10000 Zagreb , Croatia
Tel: 01 6180 656Fax: 01 6180 656
Mail: Web: www.lektor.hr
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