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If you come to Istria, you can expect top gastronomic experience. The best spices in Istrian cooking are the natural ingredients. About the Istrian holiday table talk in superlatives gave hours. They know that many who visited Istria for good food.

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Do you have the power to enjoy every moment and gatherings even more enjoyable, more beautiful, would you take advantage of. We believe it would. LF catering that can help.

Are you planning an event, event, promotion, and you need something that will really "spice up" the atmosphere, something that will make you and really impress your guests, something that will rebound in positive terms than usual. Rest assured, LF catering will all make you wish come true.

LF catering, assure you of is the right choice for every occasion, whether it was a business seminar or a wedding. LF Catering will make sure that everything is on time and in perfect order. You have only to reach the "almost."

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Let the wedding really is the best day, who will pass you by without organizational troubles, problems at the last minute, and similar uncertainties. Also, let this day be special, let your wedding be different. LF catering with its partners in the joint Istra Elite Weddings will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Do you really want to impress your business partners? With us, it will not be a problem. No place of modesty! LF Catering We can prepare everything needed for an unforgettable banquet or business domijenak.

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LF Catering is ready for the most demanding activities that require the participation of more people and involvement of many resources. We can deal is the biggest challenge.

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Bečka 752100 Pula, Croatia
Tel: 052 521 006Fax: 052 521 090
Mail: Web: www.hotel-letan.hr
Velka Šuranvoditeljica
Mob: 099 59 99 585

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