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Mirto interior is a company that is a family tradition since 1993. engaged in organizing, designing, constructing and editing the trade show, exhibition space (stand), events, promotions and exhibitions of all Croatian.

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Basic information

Quality work our business expanded into other foreign countries.

In just a few years ago, we showed that we know the best way to make our customers' most demanding orders and thus merged build quality, attractive design and great satisfaction with our business partners.

To our clients and us omugućili it better, faster and simpler implementation of the project expanded the range of our work on:

• design of advertising signs and digital printing
• framing photo panels plastic and metal frames
• Tent Rental
• Multimedia equipment (plasma and LCD monitors, screens, projectors, internet kiosks)
• Stand in a variety of performances

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Why Mirt interior stands?

Pleasant conversation with our team will provide you with no obligations 3D design made according to your wishes and our suggestions

To look your best quality stands for performance and furnishing of space use:

• Octanorm original structures - Maxima and Maxima Light
• the standard system of stalls on offer are unique woodwork stalls and stands on the floor, and folding promotional stands
• development of elevated podium for all or part of the exhibition stand
• equipping the stand necessary furniture
• Rental of multimedia equipment
• create and set the print on canvas, digital print on chipboard, forex and cap plates
• equipping unique additions, including illuminated displays, rotating elements, 3D labels, video animation, text on the 3M film, halogen spotlights and other necessary accessories
• with a wide range of carpet rips, we can offer and velours carpet and flooring from lacquered MDF
• at the end of the performance of the stand organized arrangement and display of exhibits
• arrange for housewives and hostesses with the knowledge of foreign languages
• Cleaning and maintenance of exhibition space during the fair

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I. novački odvojak 1510437 Bestovje, Croatia
Tel: 01 3692 688Fax: 01 3692 688
Mail: Web: www.mirt-interijer.hr
Mob: 098 895 182

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