Nina Đurđević


I've been practicing photography on various different levels over 20 years – amateur through high school, professionally through work, academic through colleges, artistic through exhibitions and projects, pedagogic through workshops.
Nina Đurđević

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Basic information

I have an MA in cinematography (Academy of dramatic arts, Zagreb) and MA in photography (Art Academy Novi Sad, Serbia).  I am a member of ULUPUH (Image artists’ association) and of HZSU (Croatian freelance artists association).

Photographing a large spectrum of events from cultural, business or private sphere (business conferences, festivals, portraits, events, exteriors and interiors, studio photography). Openness to special challenges!

  • Gavella Drama Theatre
  • Gloss magazine
  • Cropix photo agency
  • Pixsell - photo agency
  • Film festivals
  • IBM Croatia
  • Katapult promition
  • Filmonaut
  • Media Desk Croatia
  • Croatian Audiovisual Centre
  • Technical museum Zagreb
  • Art gallery Forum
Dežmanova 1a10430 Samobor, Croatia
Tel: 091 5362 546
Mail: Web: www.ninafotka.com
Nina Đurđević
Mob: 091 5362 546

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