At PENTA we became specialized in business doing with the aim of performing every service in a professional and quality manner.

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Basic information

- organisation of international congresses
- organisation of various meetings and symposiums abroad or within the country
- preparation and implementation of various incentive programmes

- group and individual visits to international fairs
- visits to international congresses
- specialised group travel

We have at our disposal databases of almost all international fairs, exhibitions and congresses (registered with ICCA) and on your request, we make calendars of exhibitions according to the branches of activity and with detailed information about individual fairs. We organise individual or group visits to fairs or congresses.

- selling of plane tickets of all air-liners
- making reservations for hotel accommodation along with plane tickets to all destinations
- ensuring the local transportation on client’s request
- acquiring visas

We charge the costs of air transport, hotel accommodation and possible local transfers without additional payments, on one bill.  Considering that the offer of airline tariffs varies, our team will, by arrangement with the client, always find the most acceptable tariff for each individual journey. Our delivery service delivers all travel documents (plane tickets, vouchers and other) to the client’s address.

For already more than 20 years we help the scientific organisers in implementation and realization of scientific meetings with the aim of promoting new concepts in various fields of medicine, pharmacy, tourism, technology and other. The experience of our team and constant improvement, guarantee that we will provide quality services from the planning phase and designing a bid book to the final realization.

Incentive programmes are not only a way of celebrating success, but a proven investment into your whole team. They create a feeling of unity and motivate for future business successes. We will create unforgettable incentive programmes for you in Croatia and abroad and give to your clients and employees a memorable experience and further stimulate their work.

In order to enable our clients to improve their business doing by quality optimisation of costs, we came up with a unique service which we named Corporate Travel Management.
For our corporate clients, who during the year travel extensively and have a larger number of employees and therefore are not able to keep their own records and control travel expenses, we created Corporate Travel Management Reporting Service.
Using this unique Service, you can get an insight into and have a control over various activities and travel segments. Reports consist of separate sections in which you can follow the airfare costs, accommodation costs, conference fees and transportation and transfer costs. The frequency of reporting is conducted on the level which is in accordance with your business activities and strategic decision-making.
If you want a complete insight into and control of your business travels costs, contact us and use the service we have prepared for you.

  • 3. Hrvatski kongres Potporno liječenje onkoloških bolesnika
  • 2. Konferencija medicinskog turizma sa međunarodnim sudjelovanjem
  • 1. Hrvatski simpozij analitičke citologije
  • 23rd Danube Symposion of Psychiatry
  • 4. Sabor Hrvatskog društva farmaceutskih tehničara
  • I mnogi drugi...
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