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Basic information

PerfectMeetings.hr is Croatia's premier company specializing in meeting management, sales incentive and performance motivation programs. We are a privately owned PCO, DMC & EMC (Professional Congress Organizer, Destination Management Company & Event Management Company) headquartered in Dubrovnik and based in Zagreb, Croatia's capital. We arrange a wide variety of events: from small intimate gatherings for senior staff and board members to events with over 1,000 participants across Croatia and neighboring countries (Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia).

From the moment you contact us we will appoint a dedicated Account Executive to liaise closely with you on all aspects of your project. Every detail will be meticulously planned from concept to execution, providing a comprehensive and personalized service, offering you full security and peace of mind when planning your event.

At every stage, from initial planning through to post-meeting tours, we can give you our impartial advice and practical help such as:

• Bid presentations
• Familiarization visits
• Destination & venue selection service
• Creating a website
• Promotional material
• Conference budget planning
• Registration service
• Meeting space booking
• Audio-visual and interpreters' equipment
• Exhibitors space booking
• Accommodation booking
• Access and transportation
• Social and partner programs
• Pre- and post-event tours
• Civic hospitality
• Financial reporting and auditing
• Ancillary services

In short, we will provide you with detailed proposal, fast quotations with fair prices, creative programs, efficient, reliable and personalized service, and facilities of highest standard, supervision and co-ordination of the program by senior office staff... and much, much more.

Please keep in mind that our services are not limited to the above items. This list is available to give you an idea of the creative services we provide. We understand that every program is unique and look forward to working with each individual client to create an exciting and memorable event.

You are planning an incentive or an event? Why use a DMC when you can find all the information you need on-line or from the destination tourist office? The truth is in today's demanding marketplace time is often our most precious asset. A good DMC can save you hours and hours of precious time - and money - by providing knowledge, expertise, creativity and contacts that match your needs precisely and help you to deliver solutions that meet corporate objectives. And - above all - a good DMC gives you a security and a peace of mind that everything will go smoothly as planned.

Our wide range of destination services includes:
• Concept design
• Detailed itinerary planning
• Accommodation
• Transportation
• Sporting and leisure activities
• Social programmers
• Venue selection and management
• Unique destination experiences
• Themed events

... and a lot more

If you ask us for readymade itineraries or brochures - we will say you deserve something else, don't you? We will personalize your itinerary to get the most out of your Croatia trip. Why? Because, no two travelers are alike! Elder one looks for a different travel experience than Junior does. Gentleman has different ideas than Madam. Couples and singles have different priorities. You may spend several thousand euros, dollars or pounds on your Croatia trip. Isn't it worth a little extra just to make sure that you are getting a maximum from your time and budget? And that everything goes smoothly as planned?

Exploring Croatia without visiting Dubrovnik just wouldn't be right. A stay in Dubrovnik may well be the highlight of your Croatian holiday as Dubrovnik is Croatia's top sight, and its most visited destination. Numerous packages, tours and itineraries to Dubrovnik are offered globally but our suggestions are really unique ones.

All your event for us is a unique event which we approach with special care while respecting your wishes and offer you our services - from finding the most appropriate place to creative programs and overall logistical support.

Draškovićeva 6610000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 4827 278Fax: 01 4832 330
Mail: Web: www.perfectmeetings.hr
Ranko FilipovićExecutive Manager
Tel: 01 4827 278Mob: 099 8008 771Fax: 01 4832 330

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