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Specialized company for the organization, coordination and technical production of online, virtual, hybrid or onsite events, rental of audiovisual and lighting equipment In addition, we devise innovative ways to use new technologies, such as holograms, 3D video mapping projections, augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR), and we can also design and produce promotional and corporate gifts.
Produkcijski tim/PROteam

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Basic information

Following the key-in-hand system, we organize all types of events (conferences, corporate, promotional, sales events...), in different formats - online, virtual, hybrid or onsite.

We also rent out highly professional audiovisual and lighting equipment.

In addition to that, there is a lot more we can offer – designing and producing promotional and corporate gifts, branding and printing, creating 2D and 3D animations, various types of interactivity (interactive floor, wall, table or similar), video projections on different surfaces (water or fogscreen projections, 3D video mapping, hologram projections...), tents (marquees or inflatable tents)...

Our goal is to create cool projects for our clients and tell their stories in innovative ways - live or remotley.

We organize all types of events in any format that suits your needs. Online, virtual or hybrid events are our specialty.

Due to many years of experience in organizing events, our own highly professional audiovisual and lighting equipment and experienced technicians, we are able to provide everything needed for the event - from the concept, tools for attendee experience activation and online event platforms, visual identity and graphic package, production of video animations and telops to the technical production and realization.

We use new technologies in creative way, so we can enrich each of your events with technological accessories such as holographic projection, augmented or virtual reality.

Depending on the type and needs of the event we can offer:

  • professional studio for recording and broadcasting
  • green screen, available in various sizes
  • LED screen in various dimensions, 2.5 mm pixel pitch
  • sound technical equipment (lavalier, head microphone, condenser microphones ...)
  • video technical equipment (control monitor, live preview, timer, ...)
  • lighting technical equipment
  • professional live video production software for image processing (vMix PRO, ...)
  • online event platform (Zoom, MS Teams,…)
  • applications for additional activities (polls, survey, quiz,...)
  • technical support during the event
  • 3D render for a virtual studio of your choice
  • graphic package and video animation (telops)
  • post-production (video editing)...
  • ...

The virtual studio makes every online event more attractive and thus more interesting to the audience. That kind of set-up contributes to the atmosphere of the event and affects a better atendee experience.

We offer several already prepared 3D virtual studios which, if necessary, can be further customized (backgrounds, colors, scenographic elements, the amount of screens, etc.).

We also design and create a 3D render of any other virtual space according to your wishes and specifications as a set up for recording and transmitting a virtual event.

See more about the possibilities offered by the virtual studio at this link.

We rent out audio-visual and lighting equipment for all types and formats of events - online, virtual or hybrid.

Depending on the event type, venue and the number of guests, as well as the event content itself, we can provide options that will present your event in the best possible way. All equipment is high-quality and professional, and, with each rental, we provide all the technicians you may need.

For the needs of remote (online) events, we also offer all the accompanying stage equipment such as chromakey background (green screen), lecterns, seating sets, tables, ...


  • LED displays with different resolutions (excellent visibility, even in daylight), outdoor and indoor
  • LED TV 4K, LCD displays, plasma TVs
  • touchscreen and transparent screen plasma TVs
  • projection screens with front and back projections
  • projectors
  • video recording equipment
  • video distribution
  • vMix PRO Live Video Streaming Software, Resolume Arena Media Server, GRANDVJ, Coolux,..


  • speakers
  • audio amplifiers
  • audio mixers
  • microphones – wireless, cable and gooseneck, condenser microphones, head microphone, lavalier,
  • audio recording equipment
  • audio communication


  • moving head (spot, wash, beam, impression)
  • company and products logo projector
  • lights (PAR, read head, profile)
  • LED lighting
  • effects (disco ball, smoke machine, bubble machine)
  • dimmers

Other equipment

  • chromakey (green screen)
  • tv prompter
  • lecterns (plexiglass, with a built-in plasma, inox, hollo)
  • interpreting equipment
  • iPad tablets (suitable for guest check-ins and presentation management)
  • Computers, PC/MAC
  • pole barriers
  • set design furniture (coffee tables, bar stools...)
  • tents
In addition to classic set design solutions for event scenography, we can also offer you very attractive, innovative and technologically advanced solutions. You can rent these set design solutions for a particular event, but you can also have them custom-made and purchase them.

Virtual BookThis gadget offers you new promotion options at events, sales conferences, business conventions... What makes this gadget so special is that it allows you to leaf through a book virtually – you go through a book’s content by swiping/waving your hand above its edges, i.e. by touching an interactive point.

Interactive floor projectionsAn interactive floor video projection is one of the most stunning interactive solutions. By crossing the floor, you change the content, which can be based on existing patterns or custom-made.

FogScreen projection (cold water vapour projection)A cold water vapour projection is an installation that can be very attractive at commercial and private events, i.e. weddings. It is ideal for installation at the hall entrance.

Virtual hostessA free-standing plexiglass sculpture shaped like a human body and brought to life through a video projection, reading out a promotional text. It is ideal as an innovative addition to promotions, such as those in shopping centres, or as an attractive addition to events.
Our goal is to creatie cool projects for our clients and tell their stories in innovative ways. In the end, this is that something that sets an event apart from others, that makes it memorable.

Our new technologies and the way we use them are that something:
  • 3D video mapping projections – making building fronts come to life, quickly changing event set designs...
  • Hologram projections – promoting products of various sizes, live streaming speakers from one room into another or from distant locations...
  • Mixed reality – a combination of real and virtual realities that a speaker can interact with
  • Beamvertising – video projections in motion    
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