Prolight is a company specializing in the design of lighting and special effects for all types of events - from glamorous presentations of new vehicles to avant-garde fashion shows, business conferences, promotions and presentations to magnificent openings of trade fairs and national holiday celebrations.

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Basic information

Our experts are absolute professionals when it comes to the equipment and what can be done with it and are always on hand to event managers and organizers. From being pioneers in the industry, Prolight Company and its employees have developed into top professionals who can turn most demanding ideas of their customers into reality.

Our vision back in 2000 was to specialize in the field of show lighting. We have achieved this through constant improvement and we now possess the expertise to design lighting for every kind of event across our country and abroad. Our equipment is selected according to the highest standards and for that reason even the largest events can shine in full splendor.

Smaller events such as press conferences, receptions and various clubbing performances if appropriately lighted can acquire a premium look as well. As a company we take pride in our innovations in the field of lighting technology as well as receiving numerous domestic and international awards. Laser Labyrinth is a unique product of Prolight Company, protected by the State Intellectual Property Office. It is a game bursting with adrenaline, easily adaptable to any event and is completely safe. Prolight Laser Harp, another in a series of professional Prolight innovations – it is the largest harp in the World that excites all who see it and enjoy its sound. If you want something spectacular there is the magnificent Multimedia Laser Show that will surely leave all your guests breathless.

Prolight is the only company in Croatia that works with professional laser systems and owns all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health and Laser Safety Officer Certificates by the EU and USA standards.

First lighting service that Prolight offers is decorative architectural lighting. It is a lighting decoration that will gradually wash the rooms throughout the night with selected colours and create a more intimate atmosphere. Such lighting decorations encourage guests to feel more comfortable. In addition to the service of decorative lighting which includes everything from lighting design, assembly and programming, we offer dance floor lighting as well. Lighting fixtures create a dynamic atmosphere on the dance floor, catwalk, etc.

Among our more popular light attractions are Music Beam Shows. They are laser shows which are fully synchronized to music; they are 3-5 min in length and can be projected using first-class single-color green or full color laser systems. We offer around hundred preprogrammed shows to cover a variety of musical tastes and some of them are even award-winning shows. Laser show is especially attractive when at the end of the show on the water cascades we project your company or brand logo.

Laser Labyrinth is a game bursting with adrenaline! Want to feel the thrill and excitement of being a special agent on the toughest assignments? The opportunity is at hand! All you need to do is run through a labyrinth of green laser beams. If you break a beam and sound the alarm you have failed! It is a very attractive and competitive game! If you want to further decorate the game area with special effects we can, for example, put your company logo in the background and your recognizable jingle sound can be used as the alarm sound, all according to your wishes.

Meet the largest Laser Harp in the world! It is a virtual light harp of impressive size that employs multi-colored laser beams instead of strings. Modeled after the real instrument, when you play it, by blocking laser beams, it makes sounds. Sounds can be modified according to the client's wishes. Such harmony of light and sound always arouses great applause.

For those who want something truly special, Prolight offers a magnificent Multimedia Laser Show, produced by combining laser shows, lighting, pyrotechnics, special effects and video projections on holographic screens and water. The result is an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

And lastly, we offer special effects. You can choose from balls of flame, smoke pillars, soap bubbles, low fog effect or if you wish for an idyllic winter evening we can make it snow!

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