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VSP   video   company   specialized in   video production , video   filming, editing   and equipment rental   for events .
VSP Video

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Basic information

The company we are dealing with video production, post production, photography and multimedia. We are a young and creative team, so we are ready to respond to any challenges put before us.

We are present in the market for many years and so far we have cooperated with many large domestic and foreign clients, including: Adriatic Luxury Services, Airport Dubrovnik, Algoritam Zagreb, Atlas, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Hotel Argentina, Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Hilton Imperial, Hypo Bank, American Express and many others.

Whether you organize business events such as seminars, congresses, conferences or private events (weddings, parties), you can rely on our team who will provide you with superior service photography, video recording, editing and production.

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• Study and field recording (Betacam, DVCAM, minDV...)
 Editing and postproduction of recorded video
• Rental of video equipment
• Downloading footage from various media (DVD, VHS, 8mm...)
 Production of video
 Making video clips for CD and internet

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• Field photographs (congresses, conferences, brochures...)
 Development of photos up to size 20 x 30
 Scanning Negatives and slides
 Transfer photos to CD
 Processing of old photos
• Sales of professional photo equipment

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• Rental of conference equipment
 Creating multimedia presentations
 Rental equipment for multimedia 
(video projectors, smart board, LCD display, plasma display...)
 Creating a CD-ROM Business Card
 Video streaming
 LED displays
 Transmission of video signals

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Liechtensteinov put 11 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel: 020 332 300Fax: 020 332 943
Mail: Web: www.vspvideo.hr
Zvonimir BašicaDirektor
Tel: 020 332 300Mob: 098 243 327Fax: 020 332 943

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