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About Bjelovar usually writes and speaks as one of the youngest cities in Croatia. However, this fact does not diminish its importance, especially if its development is seen in the turbulent economic interdependence, social and cultural development of Croatian.
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This city has a rich military, political, economic, cultural and sporting traditions. This will certainly attest to the short historical retrospective. City of Bjelovar is situated on a plateau in the southern part Bilogore (Northwestern Croatia) to 135 meters above sea level. Bjelovar Bjelovar headquarters Bilogora, but also natural, cultural and political center of this region.

Bjelovar is a crossroads of waterways of this region. It intersect the road from Zagreb to Osijek, then from Varazdin and Koprivnica over Čazma to Ivanic Grad and highways, and over Daruvar on one side of Virovitica, on the other side of Pakrac and Lipik.
In what is an important transport route is Bjelovar, talking and start building the highway Zagreb - Bjelovar - Virovitica, Bjelovar, which will still bring Zagreb, but it will be a strong impetus to economic development.

City of Bjelovar occupies a total area of 191.9 km2 and administratively an additional 31 settlements. In this area, now lives approximately 42,000 residents.

Bjelovar celebrated their 29th Day of September, to commemorate the day when this city is defended from attacks by the former JNA, and when the capture of large numbers of weapons made an immeasurable contribution to the overall strengthening of defense forces of the Croatian Homeland War.

Agriculture, livestock and timber industries are the foundation of development, allowing the surface quality of available land, where they organized an advanced crop and livestock production, and lately more and more fruit and vegetable production.

Creation and development of a series of totally new economic activities, intensive construction of infrastructure (water, sewer, bypass the city), decorating the streets and sidewalks, renovation of the center of town with a baroque lighting, restoring the central city park, renovation of city libraries, city pools and much more City of Bjelovar creates the conditions to be a comfortable place of living of its citizens and its visitors.

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On the northeast side of the City of Bjelovar is long and low elevations Biloxi, whose average height of 100 to 150 m.

The plateau was formed nadsvođenjem shallow, but in its design and participated in the fault process. Within the Pliocene marls and pjeskuljasti pješčanici with occasional small deposits of lignite. Older rocks never reach the surface. Crystalline rocks are found in deep wells.

City of Bjelovar is climatically transitional area moderately continental characteristics. Winters in this area are moderately cold and summers are topla.Pretežno a favorable schedule the annual precipitation is around 900 mm per year.

From the northern wind blows, which is typical for the winter, and the east is becoming stronger in spring and is very cold, and can blow for several days continuously. The summer wind that blows from approximately June to August is the southern, warm, and the relative humidity increases and precedes rain.

The mean annual temperature in the City of Bjelovar is about 12 ° C.

For the City of Bjelovar is characterized by a very small river and Bjelovacka, Plavnica, Large and Ciglenski. These rivers have very little water so that they eventually disappeared and the abundance of freshwater fauna. The rivers can be found only fish bijelke, patuljane and carp, and of course frogs.

Natural boundary between the City of Bjelovar and Zagreb County's Great River which eventually empties into the County's largest river, the river fountain.

Areas that have a gentle slope (5-15 °) water runoff is moderate. To this end the characteristic clay - loam soils. They are very poor in humus.

The soil is very good for the land, but to preserve fertility must constantly muck. That is the reason that farmers in this area have always kept more cattle.

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When you put in Bjelovar cause or decide to come and visit one of the youngest cities in Croatia, its gentle scenery and good people, you will be accommodated at the hotel "Central" in the city center. One thing is certain: Bjelovar does not remain hungry. Various restaurants offer you a great and famous dishes of meat, fish and game, and you can enjoy the atmosphere and tastes of local cuisine. Many bars will host most diverse range of drinks and give you a good time socializing in good company until late in the evening.

Take you car or bike to local roads outside the town of Bjelovar in its surroundings, you can visit the mountain lodge Kamenitovac ", which is located on Bilogora, at an altitude of 242 mis which there is a view of the city of Zagreb, but also the surrounding areas and Mountains of northwestern Croatian. If you're a walker or a mountaineer, you'll be able to refresh yourself, eat well, and the desire and need to stay overnight.

When you arrive in Zagreb, you can visit some of the ponds, and near Bjelovar was always known as a haven for local and foreign hunters, because it abounds, especially the big game.

Bjelovar throughout the year is full of sports, cultural and entertainment events, and often host events such as "Black Cat", Croatian selection of the best rock films, "BOK - fest, theater meetings, dance contests, etc.

In June, several days held in Bjelovar, traditional, cultural, entertainment and tourist event "TEREZIJANA", which consists of sports competitions in cycling and archery records and unusual fashion shows, concerts and theatrical presentation of the arrival of the empress in Bjelovar.

Anyone who had knowledge of Bjelovar and its surroundings, knows that he's leading agricultural and cattle-raising region in Croatia. In this regard, in Bjelovar, with several centuries-old tradition, there is no economic event "Bjelovar Fair".
It brings together the largest producers of seeds, livestock and agricultural machinery oizvođače in Europe. Tens of thousands of visitors visit it each year, so it is deservedly known as the biggest agricultural fair in the region of this part of Europe.

The history of the town of Bjelovar best way to find out if you visit the Bjelovar Municipal Museum since 1949. year, when it was established, until now has forty thousand artifacts that are stored in the permanent archaeological, ethnographic and cultural-historical setting, and recent art and thematic exhibitions in the two exhibition spaces, connecting major periods from prehistory to the present.

Staying in the town of Bjelovar, in his heart of the park on the Square E. Kvaternika, will surely be remembered, because it is the second year in a row, the most beautiful square Continental Croatian, while the city of Bjelovar voted third most beautiful city in the continental Croatian. Welcome!

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Million years ago, Croatian soil covered the Pannonian Sea. The last remnants of that has now been in Hungary - Lake Balaton.

Based on the results of traces of Roman water pipes, foundation stone, bricks, glass decorative items, Roman coins and other objects, we can conclude that it is exactly at the historic town of Bjelovar located less Roman settlement, exchange of horses, station road maintenance or military camp.

Developed Roman road network has helped the late 6th century immigration of the Slavs in this region. Entrants fortification erected around Dominkovic, old and new Pavljani, Nart, Nevinca, Avenged Sevenfold, Grginca, Gudovac and elsewhere, mainly on the remains of Roman settlements.
From the Middle Ages have been preserved tiles found near Bjelovar.

Late 14th and early 15th century in this already densely populated area there are many plemoćki and church property. In the near Bjelovar today there are parishes in the root, the Great Sredice, Pavljani, interwar and Nova ratio.
At that time, it can be placed beginning to Bjelovar was first mentioned in the now unreliable fields from 1413th year.

Influx of Turks in the 15th and 16 century, this area becomes a "no man's land", and continually passes from hand to hand. The inhabitants fled and are living mostly in small forts along the volatile border with Truc.
Then in Varazdin Generalate founded celebrated 16th Infantry Regiment.

Severin rebellion, which is a good deal shaken Varaždin military district, was bloodily suppressed 1755th year, and immediately afterwards the Empress Maria Theresa determined to be at the center of Border Regiment build a strong military base - Bjelovar today. Construction of a central core (400 x 400 m) Bjelovar today began in 1756. Pursuant to the decision of the Empress Maria Theresa.

The city is developing fast, ready welcomes the abolition of the Military Frontier 1871st year and its union with civil Croatian. Bjelovar became the county seat, and after its merger with Križevci County became the center of the Bjelovar-Križevci. Ban Ivan Mažuranić on behalf of Parliament in 1874. Bjelovar declared a free royal city.

The railway Bjelovar - Križevci opened in 1894., Railroads Bjelovar - Kloštar Podravski 1900th These stripes do Garesnica and Grubisno Fields 1913th year. City had the largest increase in population from 1880th to 1900. year.

Municipal Museum was founded in 1949. year. At the beginning of a collection gathered over a teacher Rade Smith, and John Barešić most contributed to the development of museums. After II. World War II, Zagreb became the headquarters of the Community of municipalities in which they went to the municipality: Bjelovar, Cazma Garešnica, Grubišno Polje, Daruvar, Koprivnica, Križevci, Đurđevac, Virovitica and Pakrac. A series of industrial-agricultural plant food (Koestlin "," May 5 "," wider ", etc.), forestry-wood (forest economy," Mojica Birt, "DI" Fountain ") and metal-processing industry (Thomas Vinković "Then," Technique "). Handball club "Partizan Bjelovar won the titles of state champion nine times and the championship season in Europe 1971st / '72.

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Bjelovarski echoes of the theater or in a shortened version of the favorite - Hi-fest, theater festival to be held in the town of Bjelovar and lasts two weeks. During two weeks of the festival visit the city, many artists and revive the whole royal city. In these two weeks to show the best plays in Croatia, always interesting guest artists from other countries. In addition, one of the few festival in Croatia, which combines theatrical performances for children and adults. The founder of the festival is one of the most famous Croatian actors Bjelovarčanin Goran Navojec.

The first echoes of Bjelovar Theatre held in 2003. year, when he performed a dozen shows in repertory theater in Zagreb Gavella, Kerempuha, Comedy, Puppet Theatre and National Theatre in Split.

During the festival the whole city becomes a stage - the shows are played even in the old factory Koestlin. Machines in it are already monuments! The plays were played in the park, Severin old factory, in the courtyard of the city administration, in all sports venues in the city, as well as in China. The guiding principle then and now is to make the entire city theater.

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