Delnice - Climate

Gorski Kotar - Lika

Delnice the central and largest city and the entire village of Gorski Kotar. Situated on the field and surrounded Delnička tops Drgomalj, Petehovac Japlenški and top with a height of 730m, "the highest" in Croatia During the city.

The overall area of ​​the City, is located on the plateau of average height of 700 to 900m which is surrounded by hills above 1500m altitude. The lowest category measures a height of 210 (Kupa Valley), and the highest 1528 meters (National Park Paklenica). Although these natural characteristics suggesting a distinct variety of areas, the relief is very continental in character, and mountain air.

View of DelniceZime are long and sharp: the average duration 106 days, abundant snowfall and temperatures that reach -8 ° C. Summers are short and fresh and the air temperature which rarely exceeds 25 º C. A lot of moisture and do not skip the appearance of fog and frost a year (on average) fall 2079 l / m² of rain.

Limestone-dolomite rock substrates stimulates the growth of so-called. Green rocks "or vegetation of shallow roots. The whole end of the rich forests of beech, spruce and fir, and areas where growth of berries and mushrooms. Inhabited by deer, bears and wolves, and many rodents and various species of birds and insects.


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