Delnice - History

Gorski Kotar - Lika

Delnice the central and largest city and the entire village of Gorski Kotar. Situated on the field and surrounded Delnička tops Drgomalj, Petehovac Japlenški and top with a height of 730m, "the highest" in Croatia During the city.

The oldest historical records about Delnicama are related to family Frankopan, its organization and administration of government and the Gorski Kotar. Delnice was first mentioned in the court document 24th Parliament February 1482nd year, issued Zagreb merchants, where they said that they are not obliged to pay at that time tridesetnicu over whose land they travel.

First Delnice village was completely čakavsko, located slightly south of its present location in ports. Frequent Turkish attacks had resulted in looting and burning of highland villages, where killed and Delnice.

After being away from their homes, the 17th century, the family settled Zrinski Delnice population from their estates pokupskih Čabra, Broda and Gerova. Together with the return of the descendants of the old Crain Delničana. It starts building new Delnica but in second place, below the road to Brod na Kupi, thus creating the basic conditions for the transport of goods. In the century reconstruction was founded in Catholic parishes. New families are brought into that, since ancient čakavski end Kajkavian which then makes the southern border kajkavian dialects. Gorski fertile fields along the revival of traffic gradually give life Delnicama and Gorski Kotar. Population, and later a profit in wood processing.

Recover Delnica and the whole of Gorski Kotar was stopped after a failed plot Zrinskih - Frankopana 1670th Army Gen. J. Herberstein looted the Gorski Kotar, a large estate Zrinskih come under the administration of Vienna. Construction of road Karlovac - Copper - Rijeka, the popular "Carolina" was bypassed again Delnice and caused migration of people. Only the construction of "Louisiana", the road was completed 1811th, Delnice again become the center of this region. Intensified with the wood processing, agriculture and animal husbandry, expanding small businesses, and from the second half of the 19 century appears Delnička costume.

Rijeka railway was gradually returning to a life of Gorski Kotar. Part of the population of the 1873rd a job on its route from Ogulin to the Nile. Bring on farming, livestock breeding and processing of wood. The first school was established in Delnicama 1836th Rijeka railway could not significantly alter the difficult life Delničanima so they are included in this century with no easy life circumstances.

City Delnice is now a part of the County is of where the economy seems on forestry and timber industries. Production and wood processing, catering, trade, tourism and the intensive development of entrepreneurship are based on management and directions for further development.

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