Delnice - Monuments

Gorski Kotar - Lika

Delnice the central and largest city and the entire village of Gorski Kotar. Situated on the field and surrounded Delnička tops Drgomalj, Petehovac Japlenški and top with a height of 730m, "the highest" in Croatia During the city.

House - rack built in the 17th century, is a cultural monument which speaks of the ethnic and architectural heritage of this area. Its age is estimated at 200-300 years. Published in Supilovoj Delnicama street in the oldest house Goranska end. Room layout and size of these houses, was remarkably adapted to natural conditions in this region because the entire economy was on a site which has facilitated life during the long snowy winter.

Etnozona United Lešnica eponymous village covers an area which is situated in the hinterland of the forest - the mountain circuit Drgomalj. This place is hrpnog guy with a central area and the dominant position of the church which is located along the edge of the village. It is characterized by residential houses and one commercial purposes, built of wood with a semi-inclined roofs, which until recently was covered with shingles.

Church St. John the Baptist is a church that was first mentioned in 17th century It was built by Emperor Nicholas Delnički pastor in the period from 1825th the 1829th year. The simple three-nave building with a bell tower in front of the entrance. Includes main and two side altars in the late Baroque style.

St. worms. Mary is in the Hazelnuts and is one of the oldest religious monuments. The building is larger in size with a massive bell tower on the northeast side.

Zrinski castle, the castle from the 17th century which belongs to the cultural monuments "first class". It is situated in Brod na Kupi.

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