Delnice - National Park Paklenica

Gorski Kotar - Lika

Delnice the central and largest city and the entire village of Gorski Kotar. Situated on the field and surrounded Delnička tops Drgomalj, Petehovac Japlenški and top with a height of 730m, "the highest" in Croatia During the city.

National Park Paklenica is the most wooded part of Gorski Kotar. From the Adriatic Sea and it is only 15 kilometers north-east of the city of Rijeka. Top big Risnjak is 1528 m above sea level and is considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia. The main entrance to the park is located next to the Board NP Paklenica, which is also situated Bed and Breakfast National Park and the beautiful little lake with ducks to their citizens. To the mountain lodge at the foot of the peak by several marked hiking trails, such as Lesko, Horvatova trails, etc. The complex geological structure of the massif in this area has developed various plants of which the most endemic "edelweiss." Because of the innumerable, and yet undiscovered, caves, caverns and sinkholes Risnjak is a paradise for biologists and cavers. Risnjak inhabit many animal species, most of which are protected. In addition to bear and gray wolf, lynx, especially the points at which the Risnjak probably got its name. Paklenica is also the habitat of over 60 species of birds.

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