Delnice - Natural beauties

Gorski Kotar - Lika

Delnice the central and largest city and the entire village of Gorski Kotar. Situated on the field and surrounded Delnička tops Drgomalj, Petehovac Japlenški and top with a height of 730m, "the highest" in Croatia During the city.

The richness and beauty of the city, most evident in the unspoilt nature that surrounds him and his is an indispensable part. To preserve, many areas are protected.

Come hiža, Drgomalj, the largest cave of Gorski Kotar, available only cavers due to difficult access. Its entrance hall, 85m long, 27m wide and a height of about 16m, is the largest underground spaces found in our karst. Numerous channels and cracks, is about 900m long.

Park Forest loft in the nearby village pools make up the beech trees, fir and spruce with some very high (over 35m) and the thick trees on the underlying bulk of limestone, which give this area and the properties of special reserve of forest vegetation.

Protected areas are the National Park Paklenica, Park Forest Japlenški peak, valley of butterflies (Kupa Valley).

In the area of ​​the Kupa (about 20km), according to research, there are about 500 different species of butterflies even though this number is not final. In this space lies 108 species of butterflies which accounts for about 60% of the Croatian butterfly fauna. Many species are protected by law, and recorded two new, endemic subspecies, which is a unique case in Croatia as the geographical isolation of populations of butterflies in this area led to the evolutionary processes that led to the creation thereof.

Ski and mountain Petehovac Center is located on the same section of the top above an altitude of 1050m / n. Distance from the center Delnica is about 3 kilometers. Ski resort offers night skiing every day and in the period between 18 and 20:30.

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