Conference Park 25/7


Described as 'a town on a small scale’, Amadria Park’s new addition to Opatija’s congress offer, Conference Park 25/7, represents a fresh new approach to conducting business in the city that already holds a firm reputation as a congress destination in Croatia.
9Meeting rooms
450Max room capacity
523Accommodation units
Conference Park 25/7

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Basic information

Amadria Park - Croatia's leading MICE venuesWe provide the ideal location for mixing business with pleasure and leisure — away from daily routine and familiarity. A place where your guests or employees can embrace a new environment and fresh air, draw inspiration from beautiful surroundings and refresh their mindset.

As your audience have your undivided attention for the duration of the event, they will form a special bond with one another, make new professional friendships and generate ideas and creativity with renewed vigour.

Destination Opatija – the original coastal getawayFrom the very first glimpse, Opatija in Croatia's Kvarner region leaves a picture-perfect impression, with its charming Habsburg period villas positioned along the glittering coastline, preserved in time amongst the lush greenery of pristine parks and botanical gardens.

Opatija opened its doors to tourism in 1844 with the erection of the first historic villa, and under Habsburg reign became firmly established as a winter holiday destination for aristocracy and the wealthy. Since then, Opatija has developed into one of Croatia’s leading tourism, wellness and congress destinations.

With its mild climate and historic and natural sights all within easy reach of its famous ‘Lungomare’, the 12km-long coastal promenade overlooking Kvarner Gulf, Opatija is a city geared for walking. It is surrounded by an abundance of green space, forests, the Učka mountain range, beautiful beaches and the Kvarner islands.

Our MICE venue and hotels are conveniently located in the heart Opatija, close to European airports and cities, such as Rijeka, Pula, Trieste, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Venice, Milan, Vienna and Munich. We are also near Croatia's national motorway network.

Conference Park 25/7 OpatijaDescribed as 'a town on a small scale’, Amadria Park’s new addition to Opatija’s congress offer, Conference Park 25/7, represents a fresh new approach to conducting business in the city that already holds a firm reputation as a congress destination in Croatia. The new Conference Park offers:

• 2,000m2 conference space
• Single-room meeting capacity of 450 pax
• 9 multi-purpose meeting halls in total, for 1,095 pax
• State-of-the-art multimedia technology
• 300 staff on-site to organise and execute your project effortlessly
• Parking available for 300 cars

Ideal venue for: congresses, conferences, plenary sessions, industry presentations, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars, business meetings, gala dinners, balls, banquets.

A New Level of MICE Conference Park 25/7 evolves with new levels to represent your business meeting or event. Introducing three new formats:

Sea Office: this concept incorporates an open-air office aspect into your event, maximising our sea and parks location. Your day begins with a healthy breakfast, a yoga or Pilates session or a walk by the sea, along the Lungomare coastal promenade outside the conference park and hotels. This prepares you for work, with renewed energy, positivity and inspiration to new ideas.

Out of Office: to encourage ideas in an original way, based on the premise that creative ideas occur outside of the usual working environment. Exchange the monotony of your office and city centre for our pleasant seafront space in Opatija to escape the daily routine and a change in mental stimuli. Take your lectures, workshops and seminars in the open air, by the sea or pool, in a park or on a terrace with views.

Market: doing business with a difference, with a focus on small businesses and start-ups. We provide you with a platform for presenting products and services to the wider community and visitors. This format encourages progressive ideas beginning at the local and regional levels, and beyond-

On-site AccommodationExpect to be warmly welcomed with friendly service, whilst enjoying the special comfort and luxury you need for the perfect rest and relaxation at our hotels.

Our five Amadria Park hotels and two partner hotels provide a total of 523 rooms:

Amadria Park upscale hotels
• Authentically Croatian Beach & Family Hotel Camellia
• Heritage period villa Romantic Hotel Agava
• Beachside Design & Luxury Hotel Royal
• Grand historic villa Business & Leisure Hotel Milenij
• Charming Boutique Hotel Sveti Jakov

Partner hotels
• Hotel Continental
• Hotel Le Jardin

All hotels provide:
• Check in at 15:00 h / check out at 11:00 h
• Culinary restaurants 
• Bars and cafes
• Indoor / outdoor terrace
• Wi-Fi access
• Access to wellness (Hotels Milenij & Camellia)
• Beach access in under 2 minutes
• Gourmet shops - stocked with artisanal hand-made chocolates
• Money exchange services
• Transfer services & excursion services

Wellness, Spa & LeisureAmadria Park provides two comprehensive wellness and spa facilities in Opatija:

Wellness Oasis, located within Hotel Camellia, offers two levels of amenities including: indoor, outdoor and therapeutic pools; whirlpool; a series of saunas; Turkish bath; ice fountain; fitness and yoga; relaxarium; and solarium. Wellness Oasis specialises in exclusive Mediterranean treatments and therapies.

Royal Spa — Opatija’s first modern spa — located within Hotel Milenij, featuring: indoor/outdoor glass dome pool; jacuzzi on the wellness terrace; sauna; Turkish bath; salt bath with Rasul treatment; ice fountain; relaxarium and relax zone.

Special Event Options – Out of the Box ideasWe are experienced at working with clients to create exclusive, tailored events to meet their needs. Our exclusive Selections include:

For something sensory – our compelling Gastro World Experience provides a range of original tastes and drops for the palate. Under the one roof enjoy a degustation of our traditional offer from:
• Caffe Continental - great cakes, coffee and fine teas; 
• Juicy & Champagne Bar - freshly squeezed juices and exclusive champagnes; 
• Delicatessen ‘Bokunić’ - authentic local pršut, cheese, olives, olive oil, liqueurs, wine and sparkling wine;
• ‘Antiqua Osteria da Ugo’ - traditional specialty meals with over 40 beer choices; and 
• Milenij Choco World - our own delectable hand crafted chocolates.

For something relaxing – you need our beach oasis, Royal Beach, near our conference park by the Lungomare coastal promenade. Kick back on our sun lounges and enjoy full relaxation, a beach massage and refreshments from our beach bar, with chilled background tunes. Enjoy the sea breeze, and views overlooking Kvarner Bay with its transparent blue seas.

Gastronomy & Dining OptionsWe have 16 restaurants and bars on-site to satisfy your refreshment and dining needs and add value to your event. Included are:

Amadria Park Hotel Restaurants
Hotel restaurant Camellia, Croatia’s first and only hotel restaurant which meets specific criteria and standards that guarantee you'll experience authentic national dishes, takes you and your guest on a culinary journey across the six regions of Croatia through their local cuisine.

Fine Dining Options at our 5-Star Hotels
Our other hotel restaurants provide culinary experiences of excellence. Opatija has a well developed gourmet food scene, and our five-star hotels Milenij and Sveti Jakov’s fine dining reflect this. Hotel Sveti Jakov’s Cantinetta serves fine-quality Mediterranean dishes, and Hotel Milenij’s Restaurant Argonauti specialises in signature local dishes of Kvarner Bay scampi, Istrian truffle, and ‘Boškarin’ -- an ox indigenous to the Istria region.

Gastro World Experience
Various components of our Gastro World can be enjoyed individually, or as whole. Our Caffe Continental offers a tradition of great cakes made by us, coffee to be enjoyed in 50 different ways, and a selection of fine global teas. Juicy Champagne Bar speaks for itself - freshly squeezed juices and exclusive domestic and foreign champagnes. Delicatessen ‘Bokunić’ offers a delightful choice of true local delicacies, specially prepared sausage, pršut (prosciutto), old-style cheeses, preserved goods and more. ‘Antiqua Osteria da Ugo’ provides specialty meals from the region with a brew bar offering a choice of over 40 local and international beers. The piece-de-resistance is definitely Choco World, our luxurious, hand-crafted artisan chocolates.

Cafes & Bars
Other highlights include our cafes and bars, in sought after positions and suitable for all occasions, from coffee, to snacks, lunch or dinner, to aperitifs, wine or cocktails and desserts. Hotel Milenij’s famous Caffe Wagner is probably the most sought after of all, with its terrace enjoying views of Kvarner Bay and the famous Opatija symbol, the Maiden with the Seagull. 
Our Design Royal Hotel offers two cafes, the comfortable lobby Royal Club Café and the terrace Café Mahler, overlooking Royal Beach. 

Your experienced MICE & Events Partner - Amadria ParkWith leading-edge MICE capabilities, including the-addition of our new concept conference park, we can cater to any type of event. At Amadria Park we are perfectly equipped for: conventions, conferences, events, exhibitions, meetings, seminars, banquets, gala dinners, team building, and much more. 

We know your event is important to you, and together with our capable service team we look forward to hosting it!

Amadria Park

Meeting rooms



Maximum capacity: 25. Area: 30m²


Maximum capacity: 120. Area: 180m²

0 Open plan setup



Maximum capacity: 200. Area: 200m²


Maximum capacity: 60. Area: 66m²


Maximum capacity: 60. Area: 63m²


Area: 130m²


Maximum capacity: 450. Area: 330m²


Maximum capacity: 170. Area: 190m²


Maximum capacity: 30. Area: 32m²


Maximum capacity: 30. Area: 32m²


Maximum capacity: 30. Area: 32m²


Maximum capacity: 100. Area: 100m²


Maximum capacity: 400. Area: 290m²

Equipment and services

  • Video projector
  • Projec. screen
  • Flipchart
  • WiFi
  • Laptop
  • TV
  • DVD/Blu-Ray player
  • Copy machine
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Digital signage
  • Sound system
  • Microphone
  • Wireless microphone
  • Headset microphone
  • Exhibition area


  • Catering
  • Decoration
  • Photo services
  • Video services
  • Car park


-City centre(m)
-Bus station(m)
-Train station(m)

How to contact us

Viktora Cara Emina 651410 Opatija, Croatia
Tel: 051 278 007
Mail: Web: www.amadriapark.com
Marijan Jurinjak
Tel: 051 278 024
Conference Park 25/7

Interested in this venue? Check availability and prices!

You're planning an event and you're interested in this venue? Would you like to know more about availability and prices? Please send RFP via this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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