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Interaction Ltd. offers modern technology, developed specifically to enhance interaction in each of its segments, using their own knowledge and experience, and technical support to two international leaders: TELEVIC Belgian and a U.S. REPLY.

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Basic information

The interaction - or the mutual communication between those individuals and groups to each other - is something we encounter every day. And no matter where it occurs - in training, education and testing personnel, at a seminar, conference or workshop, in education, a presentation or training on team building .... - Goals are always the same: a successful and efficient transfer of information, quality communication between themselves, and finally, analysis of data collected in any sense. However, traditional methods and the effectiveness and efficiency of such processes, sometimes not what we wanted.

Today, it is not difficult to set the bar much higher. For, whatever anyone says, the key is, however, in the interaction.

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• Interactive Voting
• Interactive kiosks
• Interactive displays
• interactive whiteboards
• Conferencing Systems

Interactive Voting
We would like to take advantage of numerous opportunities and benefits of best-selling interactive system in the world, but do not do this so often that the system is worth investing in? Or just do not want to spend time on preparation, transportation, organization? Do not worry. OptionFinder / reply can be made available to almost anyone, because you doo interaction provides an opportunity to rent the system whenever the system works and all the advantages needed.

From small systems for twenty or fifty men, to the convention with several thousand participants, including - if necessary - and all the necessary presentation (video-data projectors and plasma screens) or even the conference system and simultaneous translation system. I sleep peacefully, because the interaction Ltd takes care of every detail, no matter the size of the paper. More than 20 years experience in the business of renting, I believe, sufficient guarantees.

Each segment of your project we can cover for you, of course, if you so wish. Prepare questions and graphics processing, delivery of equipment at the place of use, assembly systems, testing, work with the system during the event, recording the results exported, striking ... and, most importantly for some, creating detailed reports and databases.

Interactive Kiosks
The rhythm of life has accelerated, and few have time for paper surveys. But, if the customer / buyer / clients with an attractive and modern option to leave us your anonymous opinion, it is very likely that he will do it. And let us with information on which we will be able to make an objective conclusion. Interactive kiosks are the solution to this problem. Modern look, with the possibility of personalization is a touch screen, interactive kiosks are a fun way to important information - and thus zadovoljnijeg guest. In the hotel lobby to set it at the reception, at the exit of the restaurant, the cocktail bar, the elevators, the congress of the .., at the entrance to the store or the mall, in restaurants or cafes, in all places where our guests and clients accumulate, interactive kiosks can also serve as an attractive advertising display, but also as a valuable tool for collecting and analyzing data.

Interactive displays
Interactive displays, in comparison to standard monitors, with some additional features and characteristics, and thus their area of ​​application is virtually unlimited.

Apart from the design and dimensions can be fully adequate to your needs - from 4 inches up to 50 ", even technologically and personalized to the needs - with or without the touch screen, with or without built-in PC, with or without built-in Media Player (for use with DSS Digital Signage systems or any other similar application) ... Of course, each interactive monitor can also serve as a simple, standard computer monitor. However, with modern additions turns into a powerful presentation tool.

Interactive whiteboards
Today's generation of interactive panels convert virtually any presentation into something different. In addition to their standard usage of the educational process, interactive whiteboards are becoming more acceptable solution for business environments - because they provide a different type of communication and transmission of messages than usual.

Slabs are in our different producers, most basic, to the most complex ones, which allow simultaneous operation of two people simultaneously, when one person is actively working on a side plate and the other on the other.

And if the board paired with an interactive voting systems, the interaction actually becomes full - between the speakers and groups, between groups and teachers and between teachers and technology.

Conferencing Systems
TELEVIC fully digital communications systems for the conference - and not in the category of "There is another," but in the preferred category of producers in all institutions of the European Union - are available now in Croatia and in the wider region, represented by people who experience and success in the segment communications system for conference gathered over 20 years and over.

The main hall of the European Parliament, with over 900 seats, (after the previous system due to dissatisfaction returned to the famous northern producer) fitted two years ago TELEVIC digital system - microphone system, the identification system for electronic voting system and simultaneous translation 108 translation positions. One hundred and eight, you read it. With this hall, TELEVIC the EU institutions - the European Parliament, European Commission, etc. - equipping dozens of other halls. We could go on much, but this is enough to show the strength of the brand, his expertise, performance and reliability.

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