Comfortable atmosphere, known pivnička meals, and five kinds of pure, natural beer, are characteristics that link all of our pubs.

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Basic information

Brewery and pub Medvedgrad began its work 22.12.1994. at the corner of the Sava and Vukovar, the first mini-brewery and pub in Zagreb. He ended his guests drew their own quality beer production, but also a wide selection of local dishes pivničkih. Affordable prices and quality service immediately became a favorite gathering place for socializing and beer from Zagreb, and soon the reputation spread throughout Croatia.

1996th The brewery was founded in the first Croatian club beer lovers to promote the centuries-old European tradition of production and culture of drinking beer. By joining the club from beer every member got a mug with a number, a compartment for a pint and a membership card with which he realized many benefits.

2005th Pub Medvedgrad cease to exist on Savska 56 and until today continues the tradition of the four other locations in Zagreb and in Mokrice.

Novelty of the pub Mali Medo, slightly smaller capacity (50-100 seats), and more adapted to younger children.

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Pivnica Medvedgrad poznata po tradiciji i kvaliteti želi Vam predstaviti catering koji se ističe po svojoj jedinstvenosti u spravljanju raznih specijaliteta na pivnički način.

Naš cilj je da prema Vašim željama izradimo menü koji će Vam u potpunosti odgovarati.
• Vjenčanja
• Društvena događanja
• Poslovni susreti
• Zabave i drugi razni događaji

Na catering Vam dostavljamo točilicu gdje možete uživati u našem čistom i prirodnom pivu Medvedgrad.

Pošaljite nam upit na catering@pivnica-medvedgrad.hr, te ćemo zajedno napraviti ponudu gdje ćemo na prvo mjesto staviti Vas!


Božidara Adžije 1610000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 3646 546Fax: 01 3646 559
Mail: Web: www.pivnica-medvedgrad.hr
Mob: 098 399 319

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