ST-arc is a specialized company that since 1993. The in-plant manufactures decorative light elements for decorating of cities and towns during the Christmas and New Year holidays and various celebrations and occasions  

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Basic information

Decorative light elements themselves construct predominantly basing on cultural and historical heritage of Croatian or all of which are decorated. For all the decorative elements are produced and the necessary equipment for installation by the customer supply. Also, we also provide the training and give instructions for assembly on site for your local team, or if necessary, we perform a complete installation on the ground with our specialized teams.

The result of our success and the quality shows we made the delivery and installation in over 280 cities and towns across the Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy.

As before, the complete range of our longstanding partners MK Illumination through our catalog of MK Adria expanded our offerings to ensure the fulfillment of all your wishes and ideas, and finally, that our service was complete, all of our customers we provide service built-in installation and repair, or if you need it delivered in the shortest time needed
equipment and parts.

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ST-arc in its assortment of decorative motifs presented in this book in collaboration with MK Illumination range offers over 350 different motifs of a wide range of sizes and applications, thus constitutes the largest range of decorative motifs united in one place throughout Europe, and perhaps beyond.

All the motifs are shown in these catalogs can be ordered in all available combinations of colors and materials, and you can further improve and additional lighting effects and living like a flash, timer, various types of bulbs, garlands and tapestry. But all of this together is the only basis for supply, because only your ideas and thoughts and are given the right
value of our offers and opportunities.

Product Catalog can be viewed here .

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Dubrovačka 4921000 Split, Croatia
Tel: 021 339 861Tel: 098 265 642Fax: 021 339 863
Mail: Web: www.st-arc.hr

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