The whole area has great potential for rural tourism development, and focus on it and travel plans and development in the coming period.
Photo: Tourist board City of Ivanic-Grad
Photo: Tourist board City of Ivanic-Grad
Photo: TZ Ivanić-Grad

With its natural beauty and historical monuments attracting more tourists and visitors. Among other things, they enjoy the comforts of home cooking and excellent wine droplets. Recreation lovers, however, can relax with walks, bike rides by undulating hills Moslavine, picking mushrooms and other forest products, and its going to come and hunters and anglers. In hunting, the total area of 5000 hectares, there are a few hunting lodges, and some can stay the night.

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The first chapter - The Dubrava to Ivanic

District Ivanic today was (from the foundation of the Zagreb diocese in 1094) Part Dubravska parish, whose administrative and judicial seat was in Dubrava. Later, Zagreb Bishops establish special administrative and economic area, with its headquarters in the road. Ivanicki the parish was first mentioned in historical documents dating from 1288 year.

Chapter Two - Thank you, Albena!

Gradually, citizens route, artisans, merchants, free peasants, managed to carve out special privileges and freedom, the privileged position in relation to other settlements in the parish Ivanićkoj. The charter given to them in 1404 Zagreb has given Bishop Eberhard Alben (which they guaranteed all the privileges that have previously had) is probably the most important document in the history of the city. A year later, Ivanic rights are supported and extended the royal decree issued by Sigismund.

CHAPTER THREE - Date to Remember

Supremacy of the bishops of Zagreb replaces the supreme imperial and military power Border captains and generals. Free army Municipality becomes 1767th year. When the Emperor Franz Joseph I (8 June 1871). Quashed Varazdin Frontier, Ivanic becomes an autonomous county district officially granted the status of the city. This is a historic date now celebrated as the Day of Ivanic Grad.

Chapter Four - In battle, the battle for the city of your own!

At the time of penetration of the Turks in the sixteenth century, Ivanic-Grad was one of the most important strongholds of defense. In 1552nd with Križevce, and Koprivnica Sisak, remained the last obstacle before Zagreb and its surroundings. The old castle, with some of the crew was not able to bear such a burden of defense. Therefore, Ivanic will soon get a new fortress. Will raise the Italian architect Domenico de Lali, the same one that will identify and Sisak. The biggest battle with the Turks in the neighborhood Ivanic played the 1586th year. In it, the Turks were completely routed, and Ivanic Grad with its fortress remains on the bumper Croatian until the end of the century.

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Church St. Petra

The main part - the parish church of St. Peter finished in 1831st in the late Baroque style.
Appendix one - at the end of the last century around the church was landscaped park in the English style of park architecture.
Appendix two - in 1925. in front of the church erected a monument to 1000th anniversary of the Croatian kingdom.

Town hall

Worth a monument with the shield above the door of the 1889th year.


In Ivanic in 1892. was established and one of the oldest volunteer fire companies, where the Croatian firefighting pioneer George Deželić.


In Ivanic work: Vocal Ensemble Milka Trnina, KUD "Ivanic," KUD "branch of rural harmony" Posavina Bregi, KUD "Posadas" Dubrovčak Left / Topolje, KUD "George Kundek" Caginec, wind orchestra KUD "Posadas", Male Chamber Choir "Posadas", Association of Free Artists "Form 2000"., VIS "Pelister" ...


In Ivanic Grad active for almost a whole century of work many sports associations and clubs, a long tradition and impressive results were achieved in football, handball, cycling, basketball, archery and karate.


Ivanicki Carnival in February, the Town Days Festival and flax in June, the International Cycling Race Memorial Stephen Grgca in August, Bučijada in October, the Festival of Croatian male singing group in November, to take and other cultural, entertainment and sports events.


Educational and cultural tradition continues today, two primary and one secondary school, and the Open University, with a variety of cultural and artistic programs and libraries.
The first public school was established in Ivanic Grad back in 1750th year, her official title was "Communal public school", and 1877th The reading room was established, called "Citizens' Reading Room", one of the oldest cultural institution of its kind in Croatia.


In the Ivanic Grad guests disposal a modern cinema, is held weekly and monthly cycle of cultural and entertainment events in the House of Culture, there are gym, sports fields for soccer, handball, tennis, four-automatic bowling alley, shooting in Topolje.

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Making sandals and other leather products is a family tradition Bread wolf, which dates from the early 20 century. Grandpa Slavko opened trade in Ivanic Grad, and was succeeded by his son Joseph. Today, this work deals with the entire family.

The family made the production of traditional products (only on request) for cultural and artistic societies in the country and further abroad. Besides the sandals, products and other traditional products for the leather costumes, boots, belts.

In recent years, developing the cooperation with the fashion industry to the ideas of fashion designers.

Bread Vuk doo
Bread John Wolf, 62 Rose Street, 10310 Ivanic Grad
Tel.: +385 1 2881 449
e-mail: info@opanci-obuca.com

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NAFTALAN, a health resort famous for its rare and unique natural medicinal resources.

Naftalan, after which the spa was named, is a specific type of mineral oil, which the latter site in the world, only in Europe and no doubt is a rarity.

Salty thermal waters, as the residue of the Pannonian Sea and medicinal oil-naphthalane equipped with modern physical therapy is an excellent basis for the treatment of skin and rheumatic diseases.

It is these natural healing factors and contemporary designed physical therapy and an excellent medical team have created the possibility of the arrival of patients suffering from psoriasis and inflammatory rheumatic diseases in many countries around the world.

Naftalan, Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation
Youth 23 a, tel.01 2834 555, fax. 01 2881 481
informacije.rezervacije @ naftalan.hr

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SRC Petek

If you intended to spend an ideal family weekend, this is the right place for you!

Superb entertainment for all ages, especially for children. Various irons, swings, slides, swings and seesaws, a sandbox and other entertainment facilities will provide you and your children a lot of fun and laughter.

In the moments while the kids entertain offers a chance for recreation and relaxation with a refreshing drink at one of the terraces with an unobstructed view of the playground and sports fields.

Large selection of various devices for exercise and fitness, the availability of each working day. Simple and easy exercise at very affordable prices make the gym right choice for you. Work out how and when it is convenient for you. In addition to the gym to offer the possibility of relaxation with the medical rehabilitation massage.

Do not hesitate! We are waiting for you ...

SRC Petek
Ethane cesta, Ivanic Grad
Tel.: 01 2883 070

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