Ivić Catering & Banqueting


Premium catering as Theatre: A magnificent performance that once you start does not end until the last guest went not ...
Ivić Catering & Banqueting

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Rent AV equipment for events

Rent PA
- Active professional speakers for less tulume
- A professional speaker for large events and the largest
- Professional microphone
- Professional Mixer
- Cd, dvd, mp3, players
- Staff for installation and use of all equipment portebne
- All other PA equipment and services

Rent lighting and projectors
- Projector
- Projector screen 200x200cm
- A professional light show for smaller events
- A professional light show for the biggest events
- Reflectors for illumination area


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Vlaška ulica 6410000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 01 4617 062Tel: 091 4617 062Fax: 01 4617 062
Mail: Web: www.ivic.hr

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