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Professional video company. Mobile video crew, Europe-wide traveling team dedicated to video production, post-production & editing, live video webcast, streaming and live TV broadcast.
Streaming.hr ™ by Super Digital

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Basic information

Streaming.hr stands for highly professional team able to produce outstanding video content. To build live video streaming systems on the web, to provide video coverage for big or medium-sized events and bring them online in real time or on demand.

We offer all-inclusive service that won't waste clients’ time.
• LIVE stream, webcasting: dimensioned for demanding clients and important events (business conferences, sports, music concerts, fashion and other kind of events)
• Story-telling videos and short promo clips.
• TV-production: multi-cam (8+), on-field, all-inclusive TV production and broadcast.
• Whiteboard: video stories presented in form of animated video ("infographics").
• Advanced video editing.
• Photography service.
• On field ENG, video services: short interviews, editing, upload, publishing.
• Paywall for streaming: a.k.a. Pay-Per-View.

Countries where we have been handling often very complex video needs cover three continents. In addition to almost the all of Europe, from Spain, UK and Belgium to Turkey and Portugal, we have also successfully worked on projects in Dubai, Argentina, Brazil.
We provide our clients with an all-inclusive video solutions in form of a full turnkey service.

Our advantages:
• Ambitious, growing business able to deliver various types of video-services (all-in-one).
• Price vs. QoS ratio: affordable prices compared to i.e. other EU competitors.
•  Experience gained during years working in media, with live broadcast, video production and post-production.
• Professional approach, flexibility and devotion. Able to adjust to client's needs.
Ante Topića Mimare 110000 Zagreb, Croatia
Mail: Web: www.streaming.hr
Karlo DževerlijaCEO
Mob: 091 3888 290

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